Project: Single Cover Artwork
Clients: One Manc Banned & Rapraiz
Quarter: Spring 2023

The Project

This project was commissioned by Musician, Twitch Streamer & DJ - One Manc Banned for his new single, "Life With No Fear," now available on Spotify and iTunes!

The Process

This reference photo (Copyright: Dan Black) was provided as my client liked the idea of a character wearing a cassette tape over their eyes. They also told me they wanted the illustration to have a massive smile that would bring a sense of good vibes and energy.

My initial sketch was created in Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator with an aspect ratio of 1:1 - 3,000 x 3,000 pixels for compatibility to upload onto Spotify & iTunes.

My first completed draft of the illustration had green & yellow colors on the character with a pink & green stylized cassette tape. I also added circuitry to the background.

After receiving feedback from my client, I was asked to shift the color scheme to shades of red, grey, white & black. They also asked to replace the background with a busy scene of graffiti illustrations and update the cassette tape to a more realistic look.

After my last draft, I wanted to rework the bottom of the face. The teeth were changed to a more simplistic look, and the highlights were refined. A simple reflection was added to the cassette tape window. My client made one last request to add a "B" & "E" to the right side of the shoulders after they noticed that the highlights on the left side of the shoulders looked like a "V" & "I." This would create the word "VIBE" which is part of a lyric that is repeated in the song.


The logos were then applied to the top right of the art and added a slight outline & drop shadow to make them elevated but still tied to the artwork.

Once my client was happy with the artwork, I made some extras so they could utilize them on his Twitch Stream & Discord. I created emotes, a discord profile banner, & stickers. Lastly, my client asked to have the character isolated with a black background in a glitch format to utilize as an overlay while they mixed videos during their stream.

This video was extracted from a One Manc Banned Twitch stream where he announced his new single release. In this, he discusses how he felt the process went for the cover art. 

This was such a wonderful experience for me to work with One Manc Banned, and I truly appreciated the opportunity to create & bring his vision to life!