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California born with Pacific Northwest vibes

As a first-generation Latina born in the USA, I recognize I am lucky and privileged to be where I am today. My parents immigrated from Mexico and provided for my siblings and me. I was taught the meaning of hard work from even the humblest of tasks in scrubbing toilets alongside my mother in her janitorial business during my youth to the most intimidating responsibilities of my life when inspecting and load planning passengers, cargo, and explosives on military airplanes while serving in the United States Air Force.
During my ten years of military service, I experienced working in fast-paced professional environments around the world with people from many different backgrounds. And throughout that time, the most rewarding experiences always involved connecting with people I would have never met in my life if I had not been given the opportunity.
I took these experiences with me as I pursued work when entering back into the civilian world. As I began working, I always felt like there was some career or passion out there that I would genuinely enjoy and also be able to incorporate that ability to connect people together.
While reflecting on my accomplishments, I realized that I was always passionate about one aspect of my work the most: creating. Whether redesigning advertisements, making spreadsheets more efficient, or redecorating an entryway, I always looked forward to helping present where I worked in the best light; if I saw room for improvement, I wanted to boost it as far as possible. I realized I could incorporate that passion for design and implement the views of making connections.
Since then, I have been expanding my graphic design skills & honing my creative direction to help contribute to future teams and bring people together.

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